Choosing and buying a new countertop can be confusing for many people.  At Distinctive Marble and Granite our goal is to help you make a great and informed decision when upgrading a kitchen or bath.  We want to be a resource that you can trust so that the design, fabrication and installation of your countertop will easy.  The more you know about the process the the better the result.  Here are our FAQ’s.  Please contact us for any questions you may have.

Natural stone increases the beauty and value of your home. Stones have color, depth, and quality that cannot be duplicated by any man-made material. Natural stone is made of minerals that have crystallized in the earth’s crust throughout the ages. Once a sheet of stone is cut and finished, the unique colors and patterns of these minerals take on a three-dimensional brilliance.

Distinctive Marble and Granite imports, fabricates and installs natural stone, quartz and like products. We are a 1 stop shopping for you convenience. We specialize in kitchen countertops as well as bathroom vanities and fireplace surrounds and offer sinks and faucets. Our installers take great pride in the quality of their work and make every effort to exceed customer expectations. We encourage you to visit our facility to see first-hand the caliber of our organization. After a brief visit here, you will see the full value of working with us and will develop a new appreciation for the beauty of natural stone.

Call us or visit us online to make an appointment for a free consultation. Find out how simple it is to make your home unique and beautiful.

For kitchen counter tops we recommend using granite or quartz. Marble is softer and is more susceptible to staining, scratching & etching. Marble is fine to use on vanities & fireplace surrounds. Granite is a lifetime producer and adds beauty and value to your home.

Most stone is available in 3 cm (1 1/4″) slabs. Kitchen countertops are usually 3cm due to its structural integrity. Vanities and fireplace surrounds are usually 2 cm or 3 cm depending on availability of material.

Most backsplash is used out of the same material as the countertop and is 4″ tall. The edge treatment on the 4″ splash is typically standard pencil polish. Another option is to use 2 cm or 3 cm matching material and go full height. When this is done we will cut holes for receptacles boxes so all electrical work must be done at time of templating. Some customers use some other type of product such as ceramic tiles, or tumbled marble.

When choosing a sink you need to make sure it will fit in the cabinet and allow ample room for your faucet and other accessories.

Under Mounts are mounted on the underside of the countertop and have a finished opening. The sink is secured to the granite using anchors and clips then silicone is placed around the rim to seal it. We will attach your sink to the granite at the time of installation, but we will not do any plumbing.

Types to select from include cook tops, slide-ins and free standing. Some cook tops have a pop up vent and you need to make sure that the cook top and the vent fit in your cabinet. Whatever type you choose it must be on the job site at time of templating so we can make the necessary measurements.

In most cases, if your island overhang exceeds 10″ you will need necessary supports. Extended overhangs on half walls will need support as well.

We will seal the tops during installation. This will help to prevent stains.

Although most sealed stones are extremely stain resistant, stains can occur when oil and dyes remain on the surface for an extended period of time. So, if a spill does occur, be sure to blot the spill with a paper towel immediately, and then flush the area with plain water and mild soap and rinse several times. Dry the area thoroughly with a soft cloth. Repeat as necessary. If the stain remains, there are several household products that can easily remove certain stains.

Clean your tops with a mild cleaner or soap. Drying your tops after cleaning them will prevent them from looking dull. Do not use harsh chemicals.

A layout with stone selection, cut outs and splash height indicated. This helps with providing a soft quote. To schedule a template measure, we require a $250 deposit towards your job total. At the time of template, all sinks, faucets and appliances must be on site, or specifications of these. Having these items allows us to make all the necessary cut outs and holes for a proper job. The fabrication and installation of your job will be delayed if accessories are not here. At the time of template a qualified person must be at the job site to go over all the details. Our installers are professionally trained installers and do not do any carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, etc. If you have any additional questions or need more information please call our office at: (614) 760-0003.

Children are always welcome at DMG but they must be supervised by an adult at all times. Children under 12 are not permitted outside in our remnant yard.

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